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What are wisdom teeth and why do they cause problems?

Our wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear, around age 17-25. They are also called “third molars,” since they appear at the back of your mouth behind your first and second molars.

Most people have 4 wisdom teeth, but some naturally have less than this or none at all. It’s possible to have more than 4, but fortunately this is very rare. A dental x-ray can show the presence and position of your wisdom teeth before they erupt through your gums.

Our distant ancestors would have relied on these teeth for eating, but now that we have modern dental care and refined cooking techniques, we don’t really need them. As we have evolved, our jaws have become smaller, and this is where the potential for wisdom teeth problems occurs.

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Common reasons for wisdom tooth extraction include:

Impaction and partial eruption:

Because many people don’t have enough space to fit a third set of molars, wisdom teeth can become impacted. This means they grow at an angle, hitting the neighboring tooth and getting stuck below the gum, or only making it part of the way through. If not removed, there is a risk of damage to the other teeth and infection in the area.


Where there is insufficient jaw space, pressure from erupting wisdom teeth can cause the other teeth to become crowded and misaligned.

Poor oral hygiene:

Even if wisdom teeth do emerge properly, they can be very hard to clean properly. It’s difficult to reach all surfaces of these teeth with your toothbrush and floss, so they often develop cavities.

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Do wisdom teeth have to be removed?

Some dentists do recommend removing all wisdom teeth as standard, but Dr. Gowda believes in only performing extractions where necessary. We can monitor the position of wisdom teeth as they grow and erupt, checking for signs of impaction or infection.

If the teeth erupt fully in a healthy alignment, or if they remain below the gums and don’t cause any problems, it isn’t necessary to remove them. However, it is quite common for wisdom teeth complications to occur, and for one or more extractions to be required.

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What to expect if you get wisdom teeth removal at Perfect Smiles Dentistry

If you need wisdom tooth extraction in Everett, Washington, visit Dr. Gowda for the peace of mind that the procedure will be made as comfortable as possible for you.

Will it hurt?

No tooth extraction is particularly pleasant, but we carefully plan your treatment and use oral anesthetics to ensure you don’t feel any pain. It may be your first time having a wisdom tooth removed, but for us it is a routine procedure.

How long will it take?

The length of your treatment will depend on the position of the tooth and how complicated it is to reach. There are two types of wisdom tooth removal procedure: simple and surgical.

A simple wisdom tooth extraction, performed when the tooth is already fully erupted, just involves applying the right pressure to pull it out. It can take as little as 15 minutes from start to finish.

A surgical extraction is necessary when all or part of the tooth is hidden below the gum. The surgeon will make a small incision in the gum to get better access to the tooth. If a tooth is in a particularly awkward position, it may need to be cut into pieces for removal. This type of extraction may take 30-60 minutes, including the application of sutures to close the wound.

Your dentist will carefully assess your case and explain the procedure before beginning. If you are having multiple wisdom teeth removed, we may decide to split the treatment over 2 appointments to shorten the time of each one and make your recovery more comfortable.

Wisdom teeth removal recovery

When you have a wisdom tooth extraction at Perfect Smiles Dentistry in Everett, WA, your dentist will explain exactly what to do to promote swift healing. This will involve getting plenty of rest and avoiding certain foods, drinks and activities until the socket is fully healed.

Be sure to follow your dentist’s advice, otherwise you risk dislodging the blood clot that protects the socket while the gum heals. If it comes out prematurely, the socket can develop a painful infection and you’ll need to return for further treatment.

Your dentist will also prescribe antibiotics and painkillers, if needed, to aid your recovery.

Most patients ask a friend or family member to accompany them for this procedure. Not only will they offer some reassurance if you feel nervous; they’ll also be able to listen to your dentist’s instructions when your head is still a little fuzzy from the anesthetic.

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