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Dental veneers are a great way to improve many aspects of your smile esthetics in one go. Whether your teeth are discolored, misshapen or slightly misaligned, porcelain veneers can give you a smile you feel confident to show off.

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What are dental veneers?

A veneer is a small, thin cover that adheres to the front of a tooth to give it a better appearance. It’s possible to apply a single veneer to one tooth which is chipped or discolored, but it’s more common to treat the front 6-8 teeth with veneers for a full smile makeover.

Some patients just have their top teeth treated, and others go for both jaws. In either case, veneers can make teeth look whiter and give a more esthetically pleasing shape with even alignment.

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Veneers vs. crowns - What is the difference?

Porcelain veneers and crowns are both made from the same material and will have a similar outward appearance.

However, crowns are typically used in restorative dentistry, to repair a tooth which has been damaged by decay or trauma. When the remaining natural tooth structure is not strong enough to function with just a filling, a crown covers the entire tooth for extra strength.

Veneers, on the other hand, are a more cosmetic dental treatment. They are applied not because the teeth need to be repaired, but simply to improve the way they look.

Dr. Kavitha Gowda, DDS has extensive experience placing both crowns and veneers in Everett, WA to transform her patients’ smiles.

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Porcelain vs. composite veneers

We have mentioned porcelain veneers, but there is another type of treatment you might be wondering about: composite veneers.

Composite material is applied directly to the surface of the tooth, a bit like a filling, and formed to the desired shape. It is then hardened and polished to give the appearance of a natural tooth. Composite veneers are suitable for closing small gaps between teeth, lengthening teeth, or filling in minor chips.

Porcelain veneers can do all of these things too. But because they cover the entire visible surface, they can also be used to change the color of the teeth and even make slightly crooked teeth appear straighter.

Composite veneers are typically cheaper than porcelain, but they don’t last as long. After around five years the composite material will start to deteriorate and will need replacing. Porcelain, on the other hand, will last for 10 years or more if cared for well. Porcelain veneers are usually the more natural-looking option, too.

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No-prep veneers

“No-prep” veneers are advertised as an alternative to traditional veneers, avoiding the need to remove any enamel. The shells are ultra-thin, making it possible to apply them to the existing tooth structure.

They can work well in some cases, but in others there is a risk of the teeth appearing bulky. Dr. Gowda will discuss all your treatment options with you at your initial consultation so you can weigh up the pros and cons of each type of veneer.

Am I a good candidate for porcelain veneers at Perfect Smiles Dentistry?

If you’re interested in getting veneers, the first step is to book an appointment for a consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic dentists. They will talk to you to understand what you want to achieve, then will explain the most suitable treatment options.

You may not be a good candidate for dental veneers if:

You have untreated dental caries.

You have signs of gum disease.

Any of the teeth being treated already have fillings, in which case a crown may be more suitable.

The teeth are badly misaligned, in which case you may need orthodontic treatment.

You have a missing tooth in the area being treated – this will require a dental bridge or an implant.

You grind your teeth.

When you get veneers, you should be prepared to maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine, including flossing daily, to keep your teeth and gums in good condition. If you develop gum disease and your gums start to recede, the base of your veneers will start to show.

Porcelain veneer procedure at Perfect Smiles Dentistry

If you decide to get cosmetic porcelain veneers at Perfect Smiles Dentistry in Everett, WA, here’s what to expect:

Initial consultation:

Your cosmetic dentist will explain the treatment and the results it can achieve, before preparing a treatment plan for you. They will let you know if you need any other treatments, such as fillings or a deep cleaning, before getting veneers.

Tooth preparation:

The dentist removes a thin layer of enamel from the area where the veneer will be placed.

Dental impressions:

Taken with dental putty, these show the dental lab exactly what shape to make the veneers.

Temporary veneers:

Depending on how much enamel has been removed, you may need temporary veneers to cover your teeth while you wait for the permanent ones to be made. These help with appearance and also prevent any sensitivity.

Final veneer fitting:

After 10-14days, your porcelain veneers will be ready. At this visit, the temporary veneers are removed and the surface of each tooth is etched to help the dental cement bond properly. The veneers are applied one by one, and you have your new smile!

Does it hurt to get dental veneers?

The procedure is not painful, and there should be no need for anesthetic since your teeth nerves are hidden right inside your tooth, far away from the enamel that we’re working on.

There is a risk of sensitivity after having some enamel removed, which is one reason to fit temporary veneers between appointments.

It’s also common to experience a little soreness around the gum, since the gum has to be pushed back slightly to get the veneers correctly in place. It should only take a day or two to recover from this.

Are veneers permanent?

Veneers are not removable, so in this sense they are a permanent dental treatment.But they do have a limited lifespan; usually between 5 and 10 years depending on the type used and patients home care.

It’s important to understand that getting dental veneers is a non-reversible procedure. A thin layer of tooth enamel usually has to be removed as part of the treatment preparation, and this won’t grow back if you have your veneers removed. Even in the case of “no-prep” veneers, the surface of the tooth will be permanently affected from having the veneer attached.

How long do veneers for teeth last?

Composite veneers last for around 5 years before they start to chip or become stained. Porcelain veneers can last for 10 years or more, as long as you care for them well. If one veneer falls off but is still in good condition, it is often possible to re-cement it rather than having to make a new one.

In the end though, a set of veneers will need to be replaced to maintain good smile esthetics. You should take this into consideration when deciding whether veneers are right for you.

Caring for porcelain veneers

There are several things you can do to make your veneers last longer and to keep your teeth in good condition:

Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, taking care to clean every surface of each tooth with a soft-bristled toothbrush

Floss daily, or use inter dental brushes to clean between your teeth

Have regular dental checkups, as advised by your dentist

Avoid biting your nails or chewing on pencils or other objects with your veneered teeth

Quit smoking, if you smoke, since this can stain veneers and cause numerous other oral health problems

Be aware that the same foods that stain your teeth can stain veneers over time. Keep an eye on your consumption of coffee, tea, wine and soda in particular.

Celebrities with veneers:

There’s a good reason why veneers and other cosmetic treatments are sometimes referred to as a “Hollywood smile”.

Countless celebs have opted for veneer treatment in a bid to give them a smile worthy of the red carpet.

Here are just a few celebrities with veneers – some more surprising than others:

Tom Cruise

Zac Efron

Nicolas Cage

George Clooney

Ben Affleck

Jim Carrey

Morgan Freeman

Demi Moore

Catherine Zeta Jones

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