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Dentures are an affordable, versatile and non-invasive way to replace any number of missing teeth. If you’re looking for a way to restore your smile, take a look at how dentures work and the types of dentures we offer at Perfect Smiles Dentistry in Everett, Washington.

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What are dentures?

Dentures, also commonly known as false teeth, consist of one or more artificial teeth attached to a frame which fits over your gums. Once in place, the artificial teeth fill the gaps you have from any missing teeth.

The false teeth used in dentures are made from either porcelain or acrylic. The base is usually made from acrylic, which is colored to look natural against your gums. Metal may be used to strengthen the frame.

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Most common types of false teeth

A denture can replace a single missing tooth, several teeth in different positions around the mouth, or even a complete jaw of missing teeth. A full jaw of false teeth is called a ‘full denture’ or ‘full mouth denture’. A ‘partial denture’, on the other hand, replaces just some of the teeth in a jaw, and fits around any natural teeth than remain.

Traditional dentures

Traditional are made to fit the shape of the gum ridge, and the suction created by this fit helps keep them in place.

Partial dentures may also have clasps which hook around any remaining teeth for extra stability.

Traditional dentures are usually the most affordable type of false teeth. However, many people don’t like wearing them because they have a tendency to slip out of place – especially if your jaw bone has started to change shape after extractions. They can also be uncomfortable and cause mouth sores if they don’t fit well, but your dentist will check your dentures regularly and advise if they should be relined or replaced.


Overdentures or implant-retained dentures are removable dentures which snap on to implants placed in the jaw bone. They still rest on the gums for support and must be removed for cleaning, but there is no risk of them falling out at unexpected moments.

By placing as few as 2 implants, it’s possible to secure a full overdenture of 14 teeth.

Implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures require 4 or 6 implants per jaw, but they are permanently fixed in place. One of the best-known brands is All-on-4. These are usually the preferred option for patients missing all their teeth because of the stability and esthetics they offer. But because they require more implants, they are more expensive than removable denture implants.

You can also get a partial denture supported by implants, more often called an implant bridge.

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What are the best denture materials?

Porcelain teeth are generally more natural-looking than acrylic, as they can be made to mimic the translucency of tooth enamel. Acrylic tends to deteriorate faster than porcelain since it is a softer material. But on the other hand, porcelain is more brittle so there is a greater risk of the dentures breaking if dropped.

We recommend you book an appointment so one of our experienced dentists in Everett, WA can answer any questions you have and advise you on the different options available to you.

Dentures vs bridges vs implants

Dentures, bridges and implants are all ways to replace missing teeth – but what’s the difference?

Well, a bridge spans a gap to replace one or two missing teeth in a row (or up to five when implants are used to support the bridge). A traditional dental bridge fixes to the adjacent teeth to support the false tooth or teeth.

Dentures and implants can both be used to replace one, several, or all teeth. Implants require a larger up-front investment, but they are a very long-lasting treatment and offer much better stability, functionality and comfort than dentures.

Again, you are welcome to book an appointment to better understand the available treatments for your personal needs.

When do people need dentures?

You might need to have teeth extracted because of decay, trauma or periodontal disease.

Dr. Gowda and her team always try to save a tooth where possible, but sometimes extraction is the only option.

There are several reasons why it is always advisable to replace a lost tooth. Living with gaps in your teeth can mean:

  • Difficulty chewing food, which may in turn cause digestive problems
  • Damage to neighboring and opposing teeth, which have to take uneven pressure when biting
  • Difficulty speaking, especially with front teeth missing
  • Reluctance to smile
  • Changes to the facial shape
  • Bone loss

Implants are an effective way to resolve all of these issues. Not only do they restore the appearance and function of the smile; they also replace the natural tooth root to help maintain a healthy bone structure.

For patients who are not suitable candidates for implants, dentures can still drastically improve confidence when smiling, speaking and eating.

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How are dentures made?

So, if you come to Perfect Smiles Dentistry for affordable dentures in Everett, Washington, what can you expect?

First of all, you’ll visit for an initial consultation so we can explain the most suitable treatment. If you have any teeth which need to be extracted, we can give you a temporary denture which fills the gaps while your gums recover.

When it’s time to make your permanent denture, here are the steps we follow:

  • Take dental impressions and measure your mouth and jaw to see how your teeth bite together.
  • Create a mold which you will try on to check the fit. It may need several adjustments before we are ready to cast the final prosthesis. We’ll check the thickness, shape and color to ensure you are comfortable wearing your new teeth.
  • Create the final permanent dentures.
  • Fit your permanent dentures and do some final checks, making small adjustments in-office if needed.

Note that the exact process can vary between patients. We recommend you have regular checkups so that your dentist can check the fit of your dentures and make adjustments, including relining them, if needed.

How long do dentures last?

The lifespan of your dentures will depend on the materials used, the condition of your mouth, and how well you clean and look after your false teeth.

In general, we would expect a set of dentures to last from 5 to 10 years. It’s likely that during this time they will need to be relined or rebased to ensure a comfortable fit, since your gum and jawbone will gradually change shape.

How to make your dentures fit better?

It’s important to take care of your dentures if you want them to last as long as possible. Proper cleaning keeps stains and bad smells away, and prolongs the life of the porcelain or acrylic material.

Your dentist will take the time to explain:

  • For how long you should remove your dentures each day
  • How to store them
  • How to clean them
  • These instructions may differ depending on the material used.

One common mistake people make is to clean their dentures with toothpaste. Regular toothpaste can be quite abrasive, scratching the dentures and letting stains build up more easily. Instead, you should just brush them under running water and then place them in a denture cleaning solution until you need to wear them again.

How much does it cost to get dentures?

Since each set of dentures we provide is custom made to suit the patient’s exact needs, the cost can vary quite widely. Factors that influence the cost of dentures include:

  • The materials used
  • The number of teeth being replaced
  • How natural you want them to look
  • Whether you are getting traditional or implant dentures
  • Whether any extractions or other treatments need to be completed first.

When you visit our practice in Everett, WA for dentures, one of our skilled restorative dentists will prepare a personalized treatment plan. This will explain all the suitable options and the costs associated with each one.

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