8 Great Reasons to Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened at Perfect Smiles Dentistry

No matter how well your brush and floss, there’s a good chance that over time, your teeth make begin to look yellow or dingy — especially if you’re a lover of coffee, tea, red wine, or use tobacco products. At Perfect Smiles Dentistry, we know the importance of having a great-looking smile. Our professional teeth whitening treatments are designed to eliminate stains and discoloration so your teeth look their whitest and brightest. If you’ve been wondering whether professional teeth whitening is right for you, here are eight benefits you might want to consider.

1. Your teeth will look healthier

Professional teeth whitening uses special formulations of whiteners, formulations that are stronger than over-the-counter bleaching kits you can buy from the drugstore. That means whitening at your dentist’s office can remove more stains so your teeth look whiter, brighter, and just plain healthier.

2. You’ll look younger

Most stains accumulate over the years, which means as we get older, we’re more likely to have teeth that look yellow or gray, and we’re also more likely to have stains between teeth (especially if we drink coffee, tea, or red wine, or if we use tobacco products). By having those stains removed, your teeth and your smile can look years younger. And when your smile looks younger, your face looks younger too.

3. You’ll feel more confident

Considering your mouth is located right in the middle of your face, it’s not surprising your teeth and your smile are among the first things people notice about you — whether they’re meeting you for the first time or not. Having dingy, yellow teeth can make even the most confident among us feel self-conscious and unattractive. With professional teeth whitening, years of stains and discoloration are lifted away, leaving you with a brilliant smile you’ll be proud to flash.

4. It’s completely safe

Because it’s performed under the guidance of your dentist, professional teeth whitening — both in-office treatments and take-home kits — is completely safe. When you work with your dentist to get your teeth white and bright, additional guidance is just a phone call away. Plus, when you have your teeth professionally whitened, your dentist will apply a special gel to your gums to help reduce sensitivity, a major problem with many over-the-counter kits.

5. The results are long lasting

Because professional teeth whitening kits use strong formulations of whiteners, the results you get can last a lot longer than those you can achieve with an over-the-counter drugstore kit. Plus, having your teeth whitened professionally lets you have your teeth professionally cleaned right before the whitening treatment. By getting rid of plaque and tartar, more of the whiteners will penetrate the tooth surfaces, which means your results will be much more consistent and even as well. And finally, your dentist can make accommodations for bridges, veneers, and other restorations that may need special care before and during whitening treatments.

6. It could have benefits for your overall oral health

Face it: When your teeth look bright and beautiful, you want to do all you can to maintain that great-looking smile. That means you may be more likely to take better care of your teeth, including taking special care when brushing and flossing, avoiding foods that can stain or decay teeth, scheduling routine cleanings and checkups, and taking care of “small” problems before they become major issues.

7. It’s fast

Unlike over-the-counter teeth bleaching kits that can take weeks to work, with professional teeth whitening, you’ll see results immediately. A professional whitening treatment only takes about an hour, and afterward, your teeth will look even better than they would following weeks of at-home treatments with drugstore kits. That means you can schedule a teeth whitening treatment at our office in the morning and be all ready for your big social event (or major business meeting) the same day.

8. You’ll smile more

When you know your teeth look great, you’re a lot more likely to show them off — and that means lots of smiling. Smiling makes you look friendlier, warmer, and more approachable, and it can also make you look a lot more attractive. Plus, research shows people who smile are more likely to be remembered positively, and smiling is a real mood-booster — for you and for the people you meet.

At Perfect Smiles Dentistry, we offer two types of professional whitening treatments: Zoom in-office whitening and a take-home system that uses special trays custom-fit for your mouth. No matter which option you choose, you can feel confident you’ll be getting the best results — and a beautiful, healthy-looking smile! To learn more about the teeth whitening treatments we offer, book an appointment online today.

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